Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to the website of URIHO, institution for rehabilitation of disabled persons by professional rehabilitation and employment in Zagreb. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our work and the meaning of action by the institution in order to benefit people with disabilities.

We will do our best to be current. All your questions, suggestions and proposals can be sent by electronic mail or fax. Our tradition is 65 year old, and it is a guarantee for high business ethics followed by quality and hand made products made from ceramic, metal, leather and textil. In addition of craft production, we also produce in large quantities.

Socially responsible business is for many years our guiding thread in to raising knowledge and awareness of the employment and rehabilitation persons with disabilities. In this sense, we are working to empower employees, lifelong learning, better information flow and the development of socialization.

In this sense we are contributing to a better awarness of the society in which person   with disabilities are finding a place where there are most needed.