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History and development

Important dates:  1946 – 2011


  • 1946  -  IVANČICA was founded - the first company for employment of persons with disabilities on the territory of former Yugoslavia with the purpose of employing chronically ill persons
  • 1948 -  sheltered workshop DES was founded for the purpose of employing deaf and hard of hearing
  • 1960 - sheltered workshop OSVIT was founded for the purpose of employing disabled workers  
  • 1960 - sheltered workshops ZIRI was founded with the purpose of employing physically disabled and people prone to antisocial behaviour
  • 1978 by merger of sheltered workshops DES, IVANČICA, OSVIT and ZIRI, which were operating in the City of Zagreb, DIOZ was established
  • On 28 February 1996 – based on the contract on redesigning a state-owned enterprise DIOZ d.o.o., the Institution for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons by Professional Rehabilitation and Employment (abbreviated to URIHO) was entered into the Court Register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb
  • On 20 June 2000 – members of the City Council unanimously adopted the Program of restructuring and restoration of URIHO as an institution
  • 2002 an award system "Ivančica" was established within the scope of which awards are granted every year on URIHO’s anniversary, 2 December, to deserving individuals and institutions that participate in the promotion of professional rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and their employment in different ways
  • 2008 - EN ISO 9001:2000, the Certificate for Quality Management System was obtained
  • On 8 April 2009 – the first Work Centre for people with disabilities in the Republic of Croatia opened its door within URIHO
  • On 21 January 2011- as part of the award ceremony "Employer of the Year for Persons with Disabilities in 2010", a special prize was awarded to the Institution of URIHO for outstanding contribution to professional rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities