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Vision - Mission - Strategy

URIHO’s mission is the training and employment of persons with disabilities and other hard-to-employ population, and finding new opportunities for their employment, while creating an enjoyable and stimulating working environment at the same time. This is achieved by employing people with disabilities in production units, in accordance with their abilities and preferences, and by rehabilitation within the department with the same name, in the envisaged programs. Our goal is to create a recognized name for URIHO and its brands in every segment of our business and thus achieve and maintain the rating of most highly esteemed institution for employment of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Croatia.

To achieve the set goal, it is necessary for the quality of our products and provided services to meet the needs and desires of clients. We will therefore continue investing into technological equipment of our production units and related services. We will invest into the training of our employees and develop a system of motivation for all staff, and especially for persons with disabilities. The emphasis will be put on professional rehabilitation of persons with disabilities aimed at developing socialization skills and preservation of working ability. With the intention of constantly maintaining the high quality level, we will focus on improving the introduced quality management system.

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